Virtual Course Registration

Thank you for your interest in the ISAKOS Virtual Course: New Technologies in Knee Arthroplasty! Recordings of the course are available to registrants/purchasers, members, and subscribers--for access or purchase options, please visit the Virtual Course collection on ISAKOS Global Link.

April 10, 2021
ISAKOS Virtual Course Registration
ISAKOS Member Included with Membership
Non-Member US $49

Methods of Payment

Registrants can pay for their registration fees in three ways: credit card, check, or wire transfer.

  • Credit Card - ISAKOS accepts American Express, Discover Card, MasterCard and Visa. Please note that charges will be processed immediately when the registration is completed. If your credit card is declined, please try another card or contact the ISAKOS Office about alternate forms of payment.
  • Check - ISAKOS will accept checks for payment of registration fees. The check must be from a US banks in US dollars. The checks must be mailed to the ISAKOS Office (please do not fax a copy of the check). Please note that your registration will not be completed if the check cannot be deposited.
  • Wire Transfer - Wire transfers are only available by contacting the ISAKOS. Wire transfers must be accompanied by a Wire Transfer Authorization form and contain specific information related to the registrant. Wire transfer forms must be faxed to the ISAKOS Office with the registration forms. Please note that registrations will not be processed until the wire transfer is received in the ISAKOS bank account.

Applying for ISAKOS Membership

Registration for the Virtual Course is included with ISAKOS Membership. To register for the Virtual Course for free, please submit a completed membership application prior to registering for the Virtual Course. Applications for new ISAKOS memberships must be received by the ISAKOS Office by April 10, 2021, to receive the free registration rate.

Non-Member attendees of the Virtual Course are eligible to receive credit on their 2021 membership dues in the form of their Virtual Course Registration Fee! Please reference your registration confirmation for next steps and discount codes to receive $49 off your 2021 dues! Applications for new membership must be received by the ISAKOS Office by September 1, 2021, to receive the discount.

Applications for ISAKOS membership may be completed online at

Translation Services

ISAKOS is pleased to partner with Wordly to offer real-time translation in 15+ languages on-demand during the ISAKOS Virtual Course. Simply follow the Wordly instructions to access translations during the course.

ISAKOS Gratefully Acknowledges the New Technologies in Knee Arthroplasty Virtual Course Sponsors