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Scienti c Program Update – 2021 ISAKOS Congress
Dear ISAKOS Members, Colleagues, and Friends,
We hope that this update  nds you well and safe after a very trying year marked by the many challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. We thank you for your continued support, and we extend our sincere gratitude to the many dedicated faculty members who have been hard at work planning for the 2021 ISAKOS Congress! As we continue to look forward to meeting face-to-face once again, we would like to share the following update.
The ISAKOS Congress continues to be planned as an in-person meeting to be held live in Cape Town, South Africa. The Congress provides a variety of new preventative, therapeutic, and surgical technique information, allowing participants who attend this meeting in Cape Town to expand their knowledge and enhance their surgical skills. This four-day meeting at the Cape Town International Convention Centre will include a variety of educational opportunities from Sunday through Wednesday, such as surgical demonstrations, paper presentations, debates, global case- based discussions, roundtable panel discussions, lectures, symposia, and instructional course lectures. Lunchtime sessions, e-posters, technical exhibits, and social activities will also be offered to Congress attendees who join ISAKOS for this live meeting. Plus, a 2.5-day Sports Rehabilitation Concurrent Course will be offered starting Saturday afternoon, November 27.
While we fully expect that the meeting will proceed live in Cape Town, we understand that, with the ongoing pandemic uncertainty, possible new developments in 2021 could render attending an in-person meeting dif cult. Please know that the ISAKOS Congress will de nitely be going ahead in November 2021, in whatever format necessary, and therefore, you should feel comfortable planning your submissions, your faculty commitment, and your attendance, in whatever format you are able to do so.
With these thoughts in mind, we are very hopeful that we will again be able to share the unique global experience that is provided by the ISAKOS Congress. For now, here are just a few of the 2021 Congress highlights that we are excited to offer. Please plan to join us!
Volker Musahl, MD,
2019-2021 ISAKOS Program Committee Chair
Mark Clatworthy, FRACS,
2019-2021 ISAKOS Program Committee Deputy Chair
Joy Allen-Joseph
ISAKOS Director of Education & Engagement

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