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 Lyon Knee Surgery Days:
Conference Recap
Continuing a tradition that began 1971, the 18th edition of the Lyon Knee Surgery Days (Journées Lyonnaises du Genou) congress was held on September 20 to 22, 2018. This year’s conference focused on the theme of revision knee surgery.
During this 3-day conference, a group of international experts on this very exciting subject provided attendees with unique perspectives on the range of diagnostic, therapeutic, and technical challenges facing patients, surgeons, and industry.
The organizers wish to warmly thank all of the participants, particularly (1) the large numbers of attendees, whose very dynamic participation in interactive sessions attested to the high level of interest in this subject, (2) the speakers from around the world, whose involvement demonstrated the quality of their interventions, and (3) our industrial partners, who provided strong and synergistic collaboration. The presence, support, and active participation of all attendees provided the congress with a great sense of momentum and created very open and friendly atmosphere.
During the conference, the organizers set up an organization and tools that will allow attendees to keep in touch with each other while waiting for the 19th edition, scheduled for September 24 to 26, 2020, which will be dedicated to the treatment of unicompartmental femorotibial lesions.
• Attendees will soon be able to relive the conference papers in podcast form by clicking directly on the program’s communications.
• Attendees are invited to search for related information on the following sources:
– TheJLG2018app
– Thecongresswebsite
– Thewebsiteofourassociation
The organizers welcome your opinion and would appreciate your completion of the following questionnaire:
Thank you again for your active participation. See you soon in Lyon!

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