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 Severance Arthroscopy Fresh
Cadaver Workshops
Seoul, KOREA
The 69th knee and 70th shoulder cadaveric workshops were held at the Surgical Anatomy Education Center of Severance Hospital, Yonsei University Health System, a teaching center certified by ISAKOS, on the 1st and 9th of September this year in Seoul, respectively. The workshop which is one of the first and traditional arthroscopy cadaver workshops in Korea has been held at Yonsei University Health System in Seoul, Korea for 70 times since July 7th, 2001, and the Courses have been ISAKOS Approved since the 11th workshop on November 1st, 2003.
Lectures for anatomic structure and portals preceded the demonstration and practice sessions. The highlight of the program was the demonstration and individualized teachings by specialists of knee and shoulder arthroscopy surgery selected as instructors for the workshop. The emphasis was to have the “hands on” experience for the candidates after observing the demonstration by Prof. Sung-Jae Kim (Education committee ex-member) and instructors (Knee: Prof. Sung-Hwan Kim, Prof. Min Jung / Shoulder: Prof. Yong-Min Chun, Prof. Jong-hun Ji). Since the fresh cadaver offered participants with an environment similar to the real live operating field the participants were able to train themselves for various operative techniques under the special guidance of instructors. Additionally, elbow arthroscopy was also demonstrated by Prof. Sung-Jae Kim.
The workshops were very useful educational programs for the participants interested in the field of shoulder and knee arthroscopy. Each participant was able to obtain the one step forward needed in arthroscopic experience and capacity through the above workshops. In this workshop, we presented a plaque of appreciation to Smith & Nephew company, which donated surgical tools.
Course Chairman Prof. Sung-Jae Kim MD, PhD
Lab Instructors: 69th Knee Workshop
Prof. Sung-Jae Kim
Prof. Jong-Hyuk Choi
Dr. Jong-Min Kim
Prof. Sung-Hwan Kim
Prof. Min Jung
Prof. Se-Won Lee
Dr. Jaehun Jeong
Dr. Kwang-Yeol Park
Dr. Sanguk Ryu
Prof. Tae hwan Yoon
70th Shoulder Workshop
Prof. Sung-Jae Kim
Prof. Jong-Hyeok Choi
Prof. Hyoung-Sik Kim
Prof. Yong- Min Chun
Dr. Chang-Hun Sung
Prof. Jong-Hun Ji
Prof. Doo-Hyung Lee
Dr. Su-Keon Lee
Dr. Jeonggi Choi
Yonsesarang Hospital
Yonsei Univ. Severance Hospital
Modu Hospital
Yonsei Univ. Gangnam Severance Hospital
Yonsei Univ. Severance Hospital
The Catholic Univ. Yeouido St. Mary’s Hospital
ACE Hospital
Uri Hospital
Suhgwang Hospital
Yonsei Univ. Yongin Severance Hospital
Yonsesarang Hospital
Yonsei Univ. Severance Hospital
Yonsei Univ. Yongin Severance Hospital
Yonsei Univ. Severance Hospital
Yonsesarang Hospital
The Catholic Univ. Daejeon St. Mary’s Hospital
Ajou Univ. Hospital
Gwangmyeong Sungae Hospital
Choice Hospital
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