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However, there continues to be a stark lack of high-quality evidence in the skeletally immature ACL population, particularly with respect to graft choice. To date, the use of the QT as an autograft option for primary pediatric ACL reconstruction has not been well studied. Recent case series of pediatric patients who have been managed with a QT autograft for ACL reconstruction are promising. However, until recently, no RCT has endeavoured to examine the efficacy of the QT autograft for primary ACL reconstruction in pediatric patients.
Investigators at McMaster University are steering recruitment efforts for the pilot Soft-tissue Quadriceps Autograft ACL- reconstruction in the Skeletally-immature versus Hamstrings (SQuASH) study. That effort aims to demonstrate the feasibility of a global RCT that will evaluate the efficacy of all- soft-tissue QT versus HT autografts in terms of reoperation, return to sport, and knee function among pediatric patients managed surgically for ACL insufficiency.
In summary, the field of ACL reconstruction, as we know it, is changing. There is re-emerging clinical evidence to support the broader adoption and integration of the QT in the setting of primary ACL reconstruction. However, higher-quality studies are a fundamental step to arrive at widespread implementation and to evaluate long-term efficacy. We currently offer the QT as an option for all patient populations undergoing ACL reconstruction, regardless of age, activity status, sex, body habitus, or setting. We eagerly anticipate the findings from such focused groups as the International Quadriceps Tendon Interest Group, and perhaps with more evidence, we can collectively improve our decision- making algorithms.
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