Page 52 - ISAKOS 2020 Newsletter Volume 2
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our industry partners for their educational grant support
ISAKOS GRATEFULLY ACKNOWLEDGES the generous support of our Annual Fund donors*
To learn more about the Annual Fund, or to make a donation, go to
Gregory Difelice, MD, USA
Robert Marx, MD, MSc, FRCSC, USA Danyal Nawabi, MD, FRCS (Ortho), USA Fernando Carreño, MD, Colombia Suwittaya Thienpratharn, MD, THAILAND
Marek Kacer, MD, POLAND
Daisuke Mori, MD, JAPAN
Gianluca Camillieri, MD, ITALY
Toshiaki Takahashi, MD, PhD, Prof, JAPAN Gonzalo Rojas Castillo, MD, CHILE
*February 1–July 15, 2020
Annual Fund support ensures that the Society is able to fund and implement education and research initiatives created to support the needs of our membership worldwide. Gifts to the Annual Fund make an instant impact on the Society’s ability to carry out our mission, help us plan for the future of the Society and ensure that ISAKOS strategic initiatives become a reality.

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