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ISAKOS Research Grants Drive Impactful Results
The ISAKOS Research Grants program was developed to provide ISAKOS members with a resource for funding the highest quality international research in arthroscopy, knee surgery and orthopaedic sports medicine. A call for grant submissions is announced every two years, highlighting four research categories: new researcher, osteoarthritis, clinical outcomes and countries with limited resources.
As the 2017 – 2019 grant cycle closes and the 2019 – 2021 research term is in full swing, ISAKOS is pleased to recognize outcomes and impact of the 2017–2019 research projects. 2017–2019 grant awardees included:
The ISAKOS Research Grants program is impactful and critical to the continuation of research for the future improvement of clinical care, and ISAKOS is grateful to our industry partner, Smith + Nephew, whose educational grant supports, in part, the ISAKOS Research Grants program.”
New Researcher
Development of Computer Tablet Software for Quantification of Scapular Motion During Clinical Assessment of Scapular Dyskinesia
Tryfon Totlis MD, PhD (GREECE)
After receiving the New Researcher grant, Dr. Totlis reported on publication of the study in the KSSTA journal, and commented on the impact of the ISAKOS grant funding:
In the current study, we adapted the PIVOT app (Impellia Co, Pittsburgh, PA, USA) to the shoulder attempting to track scapular dyskinesis. The most significant contribution of the ISAKOS grant to our work was the presence of a technician from Impellia in Greece during the trials. She offered valuable solutions to any difficulty we faced with the Pivot App use and function. The study concluded that the PIVOT app was efficient to record the amount of deviation of scapula medial border from the thoracic wall.
Comparison of Tissue Engineered Construct (TEC) Derived of Human Stem Cells from Dental Pulp and Synovia on Articular Cartilage Regeneration
Tiago L. Fernandes MD, MSc, PhD (BRAZIL)
Dr. Fernandes reported that Osteoarthritis research grant funding from ISAKOS resulted in three publications and five presentations presented at national and international congresses related to the grant, commenting,
Regarding ISAKOS Osteoarthritis Grant, we’ve completed all experiments in 14 large animals translational model and we’re currently analysing final data. Very interesting data was obtained in groups treated with Tissue Engineered Construct (TEC) for MOCART score in a 7-Tesla MR protocol. Some papers were published and presented internationally related to systematic reviews and methods, and a manuscript will be submitted to ISAKOS Journal. We’ve started ethics and scientific committee approvals for the clinical trial phase I / II study in humans based on our translational results of ISAKOS Osteoarthritis Grant. Thank you very much ISAKOS for all support and confidence till now!
Clinical Outcomes
Cluster RCT of Implementation Strategies for ACL Injury Prevention
Robert G. Marx MD, MSc, FRCSC (USA)
Dr. Marx reported on outcomes from his Clinical Outcomes research, including two articles published in JISAKOS on the topic of ACL injury prevention, with a third currently under review.
The ISAKOS grant allowed us to carry out research that required hiring multiple data collectors who traveled to observe teams of athletes doing injury prevention exercises. Without the funding, we would have been unable to complete this research. We hope the results of our work will improve the way injury prevention programs are administered to young athletes in the future.

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