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Report from the ISAKOS Archives Committee
Per Renström MD, PhD, Professor Emeritus
Karolinska Institutet Stockholm Chair, ISAKOS Archives Committee SWEDEN
The ISAKOS Archives Committee includes experienced and very committed ISAKOS members, including Roland P. Jakob, Switzerland, Deputy Chair; Ramon Cugat, Spain, Past Chair; John Bartlett, Australia; José F. Huylebroek, Belgium; Moises Cohen, Brazil, Deputy Chair; Gary G. Poehling, US; Masahiro Kurosaka, Japan; Peter T. Myers, Australia; Giancarlo Puddu, Italy; Barry R. Tietjens, New Zealand; Kathleen Rankin, Alexa Schenk and Michael Syrett, ISAKOS Office; and Per A. Renström, Sweden, Chair. Moises Cohen recently resigned because of his many commitments. This report was written by the Committee Chair for logistical reasons, but the members will be more active next time. This committee has met three times: once in person (during the ISAKOS congress in Cancun) and twice by video (during the fall of 2019 and on June 11, 2020). During this time, we have discussed how get hold of old material from the IAA, ISK, and ISAKOS and how to present it in the most compelling way in order to enable the ISAKOS membership to enjoy the history of these organizations. The Committee also identified a few new projects to work on, as described below.
ISAKOS at 25 Years
ISAKOS was founded in Hong Kong in 1995 at the combined IAA/ISK meeting. Both IAA and ISK were founded in the 1970s and developed rapidly into relevant and popular organizations with increasingly overlapping areas of interest. This overlap became increasingly apparent at the biannual meetings. Discussions about a merger started around 1983 and intensified over the following years. In 1995, at the Hong Kong unified meeting, the merger became a reality. This means that ISAKOS now is 25 years old.
In order to celebrate this milestone and establish the story behind the merger, a symposium has been planned. Although the celebration symposium originally was scheduled to be held at the ISAKOS Regional Meeting in Gothenburg in October 2020, that meeting has been cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The symposium, tentatively entitled “The Road to Create ISAKOS 25 Years Ago,” will now take place during the ISAKOS World Congress in Cape Town, South Africa, to be held on November 27 through December 1, 2021.
The members of the panel will hopefully include D. Dandy, G. Poehling, and R. Jakob, with Per Renström and Marc Safran as moderators. This symposium promises to be a very interesting event. We need to learn from our history.
History of ISK and IAA
ISAKOS needs to make sure that we have a full history of ISK and IAA in our archives. Merv Cross from Australia has sent in extensive information about ISK, which is particularly valuable given that Dr. Cross was very active in ISK from the start. Some of this material relates to the origins of knee surgery in Australia and therefore is more specific to that country rather than being internationally focused. However, much of this valuable material relates to the merger of ISK and IAA. Dr. Cross also sent in a number of photographs, which will be incorporated into history of the ISK in the Archives section of the ISAKOS website. Ramon Cugat has revised the available ISK information, and the changes are currently being made by the ISAKOS office. For quite some time, Dr. Cugat has expressed concern about the lack of information that we have from the Board of Directors of ISK during the years 1981 – 1983 and 1983 – 1985. However, very recently, Giancarlo Puddu discovered that he was in possession of that information, allowing us to finally complete the historical timetable found in the Archives section of the website. We are very thankful indeed for this major contribution.
History of Arthroscopy and the Contributions of Dr. Watanabe Since 1958
Our Japanese colleagues, especially Dr. Watanabe, have been very instrumental the development of arthroscopy, and, indeed, of the arthroscope itself. Honorary ISAKOS member Dr. Moriya has donated extensive material, including videos on the history of Arthroscopy and Dr. Watanabe, to the ISAKOS archives (available at http://www.isakos. com/Archives/Video-Archives). The videos still need to be translated into English, and Dr. Kurosaka will work to make sure that this happens. The material on the history of arthroscopy is of great interest, and Dr. Kurosaka has agreed to work on a presentation together with his Japanese colleagues to be presented at an ISAKOS event in the future.
Legends and Giants
A symposium on History and Legends will be held during the Cape Town meeting in 2021. The speakers will include John Bartlett, John Bergfeld, Masahiro Kurosaka, Lars Peterson, and Savio Woo, and the Co-Chairs will be Peter Fowler and Per Renström. This symposium will include both global and also regional history, and number of legends and classic mentors will be showcased.
When an individual has done something great and worked for a cause their whole life, we tend to view that person as a giant in their field. The Committee has therefore decided to try to identify some real giants in Orthopaedic Sports Medicine who will be contacted for an interview.

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