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Report from the ISAKOS Archives Committee
To ensure that these interviews run smoothly, a learned colleague who is willing to prepare a list of questions will also be identified. Michael Syrett, our new Digital and Multimedia Content Coordinator, will coordinate these interviews with the help of Kathleen. Mr. Syrett has suggested a “buddy system,” whereby the both nominator and the nominee will be interviewed together.
In order not to overlook other great individuals who have left a lasting influence on our field, we have added a section to the website focusing on a special group of colleagues called “Storytellers” ( These individuals must have left a lasting influence or given invaluable contributions to our field as a leader, researcher, surgeon, colleague, friend, or world-class person. The committee has suggested that “Storytellers” should be present at every ISAKOS conference. Individuals who have been suggested for inclusion in this group include Lanny Johnson, David Dandy, Giancarlo Puddu, Jimmy Andrews, Villarubias, Robert Johnson, and Bernie Einwohner, among others. There is a risk that we will include people belonging to a couple of groups, but we will handle this as we go along.
Landmark Articles in Our Field
The editor of JISAKOS, Niek van Dijk, has asked the Committee to look for true landmark articles in our field. Dr. van Dijk or the Committee will choose someone to analyze the value of these articles and to provide commentary on what each article has meant to our field. This content will then be published in JISAKOS. Committee members have been asked to identify one “classic” article and send it to the ISAKOS Office. As an example, R. Jakob has identified an article from 1959 by Kenneth Priddy on the most frequently utilized cartilage repair technique in English football players and has volunteered to write the accompanying commentary.
Operative Techniques
Roland Jakob has taught us that trends in orthopaedic techniques tend to move in 25 to 30-year cycles – i.e., that history repeats itself. As such, a lecture entitled “Operative Technique Cycles in History”, highlighting the “ups and downs” of such cycles over time, will be presented in Cape Town 2021. Examples of techniques that could be highlighted in the “cycles” symposium include knee osteotomy; the evolution of postoperative management, rehabilitation, and return to sports following ACL surgery; and meniscal repair, among others.
Descriptions of important historical operative techniques described in “classic” articles or books should be identified and added to ISAKOS Archives. Perhaps these descriptions should also be republished in the JISAKOS along with commentaries by one or more experts (e.g., “Review of article by Jones on X technique (1963),” with commentary by Maffulli and Olivieri).
Examples of such articles could include Ernest Hey-Groves’ article in full, Feagin, Curls ACL augmentation article 1976, Dandy´s article of the first arthroscopic ACL 1981, the first intra-articular ACL reconstruction in Australia in the 1960s, N. Davarinos (2013/2014) “History of ACL,” etc.
Articles on osteotomy have been discussed at some length; at least six osteotomy sessions were held at the 2019 ISAKOS Congress, and a number will be included in the 2021 program. Interesting techniques are coming back again, as noted above. The resurfacing of techniques will hopefully attract younger surgeons, all while relating the Archives committee activity to today’s time. John Bartlett has told us about the reverse shoulder arthroplasty (Kessler) in the 1970s. A plan will be discussed on how these topics should be presented at the upcoming Congresses.
Rehabilitation and Return to Sport
An important and increasingly popular topic is postoperative management, rehabilitation, and return to sport following ACL reconstruction. The Committee is looking for studies describing major innovations and ideas related to this subject (e.g., Häggmark, Eriksson: Early motion in AJSM from 1978). Barry Tietjens and Per Renstrom are currently taking the lead in identifying and reviewing articles in this area.
A symposium entitled “Healing After ACL Reconstruction Including Rehabilitation and Return to Sport” will be held Cape Town in 2021. Participants will include Darren de Sa, Braden Fleming, and Rachel Fran, with Per Renström as chair. Sue Reimbold encouraged female participation in the program and suggested working with the Gender Diversity Task Force.
Recent Awards
ISAKOS would like to extend congratulations to Dr. John Bartlett, ISAKOS Honorary member and member of the ISAKOS Archives Committee, who has been awarded the Order of Australia for 2020 “for significant service to orthopaedic medicine, and to national and international medical associations.” He will now be known as “Sir John Bartlett.” ISAKOS would also like to congratulate Honorary member and former president of ISAKOS, Peter Fowler from Canada, who was awarded the Order of Canada in 2018. Peter is now known as “Sir Peter Fowler.” These gentlemen have made large contributions to our field and to ISAKOS. We proudly thank them and congratulate them on their well-deserved, high honors.
Final Thoughts
The ISAKOS Archives Committee is off to a good start thanks to the valuable knowledge, experience, and commitment of its members. We all look forward to continuing our work on the many different aspects of ISAKOS history.
Respectfully submitted for the ISAKOS Archives Committee

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