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 1st FAST (Foot and ankle Arthroscopy Sports Traumatology)
The first FAST (Foot and ankle Arthroscopy Sports Traumatology) course was held this year in Amsterdam in de Academic Medical Center 2018. This course aimed for a more structured course on ankle arthroscopy with content individualized per year, based on participants’ preferences. Participants from all over the world were invited to share their and our vision, learn from our techniques and experience working as a team.
With the (professional) athlete at the base, different physiological and pathological mechanisms were explained in lectures and solutions in terms of minimal invasive surgical techniques were explained—linking the lectures to the lab sessions. For some extra in-depth knowledge a new e-learning system was developed to assist in explaining anatomical and radiological findings that could be found during the diagnostic process and surgical procedures.
The course program was filled with lectures, discussions, quizzes, lab sessions on anterior & posterior ankle arthroscopy and tendoscopy, e-learning, and clinical demonstrations in terms of live surgery and innovation on the lab (i.e. new techniques and devices). During the lab sessions techniques were introduced by means of an instruction video before practice on cadavers. National faculty, one per two participants, was present to assist in procedures where needed, matched based on participants interest. The course had a limited number of participants, allowing each participant ample opportunity to practice during the cadaver lab sessions and to interact with their matched faculty.
The Thursday night program was on voluntary basis and was localized in the old center of Amsterdam, in the restaurant Nacarat, which provides an amazing view over Amsterdam in the direction of Dam Square.
The 1st Foot and Ankle Arthroscopy Sports Traumatology course was successfully completed with an average score of 4.2 out of 5 on the event survey.
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