Page 51 - ISAKOS 2018 Newsletter Volume 2
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 This feature remains the highlight of Pune Knee Course and nine such surgeries were performed including; All Inside PCL Reconstruction; Revision ACL Reconstruction with Modified Larson PLC Reconstruction; Arthroscopic Popliteus Reconstruction with PCL Reconstruction; Anatomic LaPrade PLC Reconstruction + ACL Reconstruction + PLC Reconstruction; Danish MCL Reconstruction with PCL Reconstruction; Osteotomy for Chronic PCL Laxity; Quadriceps Tendon MPFL Reconstruction and MPFL Reconstruction with Tibial Tubercle Osteotomy.
Other hallmark features of this course are the Breakfast Instructional Course Lectures or Master Class—which are didactic in nature but allow close interaction between the delegates and faculty. There were five such sessions conducted this year and five different meeting rooms were packed with groups of about 50 delegates. The topics covered were “All You Need to Know About Posterolateral Corner Injuries”; “How to Perform MPFL Reconstruction”; “PCL Reconstruction: Step by Step”; “Management of Medial Knee Instability”; and “How to Perform Trochleoplasty and TTO”. These sessions were conducted in the morning of the 20th and 21st, prior to commencement of the main program, and very well received by the delegates.
There were two segments of live clinical examination in the Multiligament Injuries and Patellofemoral Joint sessions. In this, patients with a particular condition were examined and presented to an expert panel followed by discussion of management. In addition to this, two case-based panel discussions were also done in Multiligament Injuries and Patellofemoral Joint sessions, which were followed by a discussion on their management.
The other course highlight is the PKC Oration, where a stalwart of knee arthroscopy shares his/her journey of learning and teaching, followed by felicitation by the organizing team. This year, Prof. Elizabeth Arendt from the University of Minnesota, USA was honored for her contribution towards Patellofemoral surgery. She presented her experience on this subject during the Oration titled “A la Carte Management of Patellofemoral Instability – Evolution of My Philosophy”. She was presented a puneri pagadi and a citation recognizing her achievements.
The special ‘Fire-Side Chats’ session was held at the end of the first and second days, open to a limited number of invited delegates in five different meeting rooms.
The course was highly appreciated for its scientific content, format, presentation and conduct by the delegates and the faculty. The Pune Knee course believes that close interaction between the fraternities across the globe opens up new avenues of research, innovation and also opens flood gates for ideas to flow.

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