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 27th Severance Arthroscopy Symposium: Knee
Prof. Sung-Jae Kim MD, PhD Symposium Chairman
The 27th Severance Arthroscopy Symposium, which is ISAKOS and Asian Arthroscopy Congress (AAC) Approved, was successfully held on June 17, 2018.
The Symposium has been held at Yonsei University Health System, in Seoul, Korea, 27 times since 1995 and has been an ISAKOS Approved Course since the 13th symposium on May 22, 2004.
On behalf of the entire Symposium Program Committee, Prof. Sung-Jae Kim (Education Committee Member) would like to thank all the attendees and members of the Severance Arthroscopy Society (ISAKOS Approved Teaching Center) for their great contributions.
The 27th Severance Arthroscopy Symposium had 170 participants (141 registrants) and 29 distinguished speakers from all around the country who delivered lectures in their areas of expertise.
The program was unique in that topics concerning knee arthroscopy were addressed within a single symposium— to help time-constrained surgeons quickly grasp the recent advances in the rapidly evolving field of Arthroscopy.
Various topics ranging from multiple ligaments and meniscus injuries to osteotomy were covered in sufficient depth to help the audience practice with more confidence.
In particular, the Symposium covered new topics not previously covered in past symposiums or symposiums of other institutions. It became an educational platform, allowing for sufficient discussions on subjects without clear solutions.
Many registrants stated that they attend the Symposium every year. Attendees indicated that the Severance Arthroscopy Symposium was “the best knee symposium in Korea” and well worth attending.
After the Symposium, the members of the Severance Arthroscopy Society and the speakers networked and mingled at the Symposium banquet.
The Severance Arthroscopy Symposium will continue to strive to enhance the opportunity for the exchange and dissemination of knowledge that the Severance Arthroscopy Society is famous for.
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    01 Opening remarks speech by Prof. Chong-Hyuk Choi
02 Photo of full shot taken at the back of auditorium
03 Closing remarks speech by Prof. Sung-Jae Kim
04 Faculty group photo taken at the auditorium

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