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Sandy Kirkley
I was invited to attend the Fowler Fellow Society meeting this past June. As I worked on my talks, I reflected on my initial contact with the faculty from the Fowler Kennedy Sport Medicine Clinic in London, Ontario, Canada. It was 2000 and I had just finished my fellowship at HSS. Dr. Sandy Kirkley from London called to ask me if I would participate in an instructional course with her and her mentor Pete Fowler at the third bi-annual ISAKOS meeting coming up in Switzerland in 2001. She was putting together a course on research methodology. I had just started practice and had not yet been asked to give an invited talk in my life. I had barely heard of ISAKOS and didn’t know anyone who was going to the meeting, but I said “yes of course!” At the ICL early that morning there weren’t many people who showed up to learn about clinical research, but Jon Karlsson from Sweden and Lars Engebretsen from Norway were in the audience. How
lucky for me to meet such accomplished
surgeons and leaders in clinical research
in sports medicine. I was so grateful to
Sandy for the opportunity. Tragically, she
died the following year with her husband
in a plane crash. I will never forget her
passion for improving the quality of sports
medicine research and including me on
her journey, which unfortunately ended far
too soon. I remain grateful to her to this
day for that invitation which led me to my
first ISAKOS congress and allowed me to
meet many international colleagues, make friends with surgeons from around the world, and to learn much from them over the years. If you have not attended an ISAKOS congress yet, make this one in Mexico your first – it could change your life. It changed mine!
Robert G. Marx, MD
ISAKOS Newsletter Editor 2017–2019
If you have not attended an ISAKOS congress
yet, make this next one
in Cancun, Mexico your first–it could change your life. It changed mine!

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