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It is an exciting midway point of my ISAKOS presidency—very exhilarating times, as we have accomplished a lot in the last year, and have lots to do before our fantastic Biennial Congress in Cancun in May 2019. Sometimes, I have to sit back and comprehend the fact that I really am the President of ISAKOS (a fact that continues to humble me)—it’s a role that I continue to be honored to hold. This past year, ISAKOS has accomplished many projects that were started by my predecessors as well as some projects that I initiated with the help of the Executive Committee and other ISAKOS Committees.
This past year, the Executive Committee and/or the Board of Directors have had monthly video conference calls, inviting Committee Chairs to join and share their projects and progress. These calls have helped keep ISAKOS moving forward. They have also allowed the Board to assist committees as issues arise, thus, allowing committees to accomplish their goals without delay. Our committees really have been doing a great job—it is truly a privilege to work with colleagues in our Society who are dedicated to the fields of arthroscopy, knee surgery and orthopaedic sports medicine. By volunteering their time, expertise, and experience, they continually prove their commitment to our Society. In addition, many thanks are due to Drs. David Parker and Jon Karlsson for their constant support of the ISAKOS Committees and for being reliable liaisons between the committees and Board of Directors.
ISAKOS continues to be active supporters of courses around the world and also strives to further develop relationships with partner societies and their meetings. We recently participated in the ISKAST Congress in Iran, SRATS in Romania, SLAHOC in Bolivia, and also had a presence at the ESSKA and APKASS Congresses and AOSSM Annual Meeting. ISAKOS will also be participating in the SIA National Congress in Milan in October. Additionally, I have been working towards the addition of international interim meetings and laboratory courses. Last year, ISAKOS held a lab course at Aspetar, and more recently, collaborated with AOSSM on the Hip Arthroscopy Surgical Skills Course in Chicago. In 2019, we will further collaborate with AOSSM though a combined surgical skills course, “Osteotomies Around the Knee” in April (Chicago, USA), and through a soccer course in September (Milan, Italy) along with Major League Soccer. Further down the road, in 2020, ISAKOS will be partnering with ESSKA on an exclusive educational course. Details of this meeting will be forthcoming, as the planning continues.
In addition to our traditional Congress awards, there will be new awards presented at the Congress in Cancun. Due to the generosity of Dr. Nicolas Budhiparama, ISAKOS has introduced the Paolo Aglietti Knee Arthroplasty Award and is also in the planning stages for a Knee Arthroplasty Fellowship with the Knee Arthroplasty Committee. The Fellowship, which will open applications in 2019, will give young surgeons the opportunity to travel and learn cutting-edge knee arthroplasty skills from world-renowned ISAKOS surgeons. Another new award this year is the ISAKOS Global Traveling Fellowship, which gives five fellows (45 years of age or under) the opportunity to travel for two weeks to several centers in the region of the Biennial Congress. For 2019, the region will be South America and the ISAKOS Godfather accompanying the fellows will be ISAKOS Executive Committee member and SLARD President, David Figueroa, MD, from Santiago, Chile. At the time of this writing, more than 150 surgeons have already applied for the Global Traveling Fellowship—a promising indicator that this will be a very well accepted and successful fellowship. Lastly, the ISAKOS Young Investigator’s Scholarship & Research Mentoring Program awardees are currently visiting teaching centers all over the world—we look forward to receiving reports of their travels and experiences at the Congress.

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