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    The Publications Committee has continued to be very active and has several new publications set to be released prior to the ISAKOS Congress in Cancun. In conjunction with ESSKA, Basic Methods Handbook for Clinical Orthopaedic Research by M. Hirschmann, V. Musahl, J. Koh, O. Ayeni, R.Marx, N. Nakamura, and J. Karlsson, is one such book soon to be published. As always, these publications are ISAKOS Member benefits and complimentary access will be available to Members.
The Journal of ISAKOS continues to grow. For the past six months, JISAKOS has been accepting original research articles. This is a very exciting time for our journal—we have had many high-quality submissions! Many articles and editorials are being cited and discussed worldwide. The Journal Advisory Group (JAG), under the leadership of Dr. John Bartlett has changed its name to the Journal of ISAKOS Board of Trustees (JIBOT). Sadly, John Bartlett will be stepping down from this position, after successfully guiding the Journal from its inception. Many thanks are owed to John for his dedication and hard work with our journal. The Journal of ISAKOS is quickly becoming a crown jewel for our society, and it is becoming very apparent as to why.
As most of you already know, after nearly 25 years at ISAKOS, Michele Johnson is retiring from her role as Executive Director. Michele will sorely be missed, and certainly cannot be replaced. Fortunately, Michele will serve as a consultant for ISAKOS after the Congress in Cancun. Additionally, the current staff will be hired on to join the new, full-time, ISAKOS Office. All of these pieces will help make this transition as smooth as possible. ISAKOS has hired a search firm and consultant, and are currently in the throes of an active search for a new CEO. While transitions can often be uncomfortable, ISAKOS is in excellent shape and position. ISAKOS is continuing to grow and mature, all while maintaining a solid financial state and thousands of committed members.
Lastly, the 12TH Biennial ISAKOS Congress in Cancun is fast approaching! This Congress will host 47 Symposia, 30 Instructional Course Lectures, 5 Debates, 37 surgical demonstrations, and 5 Partner Society Symposia. Additionally, there will also be a Sports Rehabilitation Concurrent Course (tell your physical therapists!), six Pre-Courses (including two presented in Spanish), and live surgical demonstrations. As you can see from the numbers alone, this meeting is sure to be spectacular! The science will be a highlight, as always, but the offerings will be broad, current, and cutting-edge. Not to mention, the areas surrounding Cancun are breathtaking—it is a destination not to miss! Also, a surprise Guest Speaker is in the works and promises to be very engaging. If you haven’t done so already, register for the Congress and be a part of the premier, global scientific exchange of knowledge!
I want to personally thank Dr. Stefano Zaffagnini and Dr. Volker Musahl for their great efforts on the 2019 ISAKOS Congress Program. I also want to thank the Executive Committee, Board of Directors, Committee Chairs, Co-Chairs, and members, for all of their contributions as well. Things are really moving along at a nice, steady pace, and it would not be possible without everyone involved. Most importantly, I want to thank Michele Johnson and the entire ISAKOS Office for their hard work, support and commitment to ISAKOS. I feel very honored to have support from such a great Executive Committee, Board and Office.
See you all in Cancun!
Marc R. Safran, MD
ISAKOS President, 2017–2019

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