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Welcome to Kyoto, JAPAN!

Where tradition meets innovation…

As the capital of Japan for over 1,000 years, Kyoto remains the cultural heart of the country, where traditional industries continue to thrive in an environment steeped with history. At the same time, it is a modern city that is home to forward-thinking corporations and universities, all pushing the boundaries of knowledge and technology. This blend of old and new attracts millions of visitors each year and has landed Kyoto in the top 10 of Travel + Leisure magazine’s most popular destinations every year since 2012.  It is an ideal location for the ISAKOS Knee Arthroplasty Forum.

Passport holders from countries on Japan’s “Exemption of Visa” list do not need to apply for a visa to visit Japan. Obtaining a visa is the responsibility of each individual delegate and must be obtained before coming to and arrival in Japan for those traveling from countries not included on the aforementioned “Exemption of Visa” list. Visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan for more information.  For visitors who do require a visa, ISAKOS will provide a letter of invitation to support visa applications.

Additional details on the location of the Forum event coming soon!