ISAKOS by the Numbers

Our Impact

Guided by the ISAKOS Executive Committee and Board of Directors, ISAKOS clinical committees focus on the creation of education and research programs and initiatives with the ultimate goal of better patient treatment and outcomes worldwide.

The Society’s focus on global education centers around the need to provide its members easily accessible, high-quality clinical content and techniques that surgeons can incorporate into their practices. ISAKOS research programs were established to inspire innovation among the Society’s members and make a significant impact on scientific progress within orthopaedics.

ISAKOS Committee initiatives include the implementation of regional and surgical skills courses throughout the world, including countries with limited resources, and monthly educational webinars, free of charge, to more than 10,000 global registrants. A new initiative included the offering of 100 registration scholarships for the 2023 ISAKOS Congress in Boston, giving young professionals and members from countries with limited resources a more affordable way to attend and learn from worldwide experts in their field.

The Journal of ISAKOS, along with nearly 40 books authored by physicians from ISAKOS clinical committees, offers members complimentary access to a wealth of articles, papers and clinical information on arthroscopy and sports medicine. The ISAKOS Newsletter is published on a biannual basis and includes scientific articles submitted by the ISAKOS Committees and Membership. Each issue also contains information about the Congress, future meetings, Approved Courses, Society updates and educational opportunities. The Society’s online educational resources, Global Link, features access to the latest research presented at the ISAKOS Congresses, ISAKOS committee projects and initiatives, ISAKOS Current Concept articles, surgical demonstration videos and courses, webinars, microlearning, video collections, and more.

ISAKOS awards, fellowships and scholarships, including the ISAKOS Global Traveling Fellowship, the ISAKOS Knee Arthroplasty Traveling Fellowship, Patellofemoral Traveling Fellowship and ISAKOS Young Investigator's Scholarship & Research Mentoring Program benefit members around the world by advancing their education, providing mentors and supporting research.

“The ISAKOS Research Grants program was established to inspire innovation among the Society’s members and make a significant impact on scientific progress within orthopaedics.”

Jason L. Koh, MD, MBA

Jason Koh, MD USA

“Without ISAKOS Research Grant funding, we would have been unable to complete our research. We hope the results of our work will improve the way injury prevention programs are administered to young athletes in the future.”

Robert G. Marx, MD, MSc, FRCSC

Robert G. Marx MD, MSc, FRCSC USA