ISAKOS Committees

Committees are a critical component of ISAKOS and Committee Members are the lifeblood for the future. The work of ISAKOS Committees is essential for advancing educational mission of ISAKOS and successfully delivering our programs. Committees provide the structure for member involvement while developing future leaders for the Society.

Engaging as a member on ISAKOS committees or task forces provides you with an opportunity to pursue professional passions, connect with colleagues and contribute to the advancement of ISAKOS and orthopaedic sports medicine in a meaningful way. Our committees are distinct communities within ISAKOS which serve as important forums for the exchange of information and ideas.


The Committee Appointment process allows members to view all ISAKOS Committee openings and apply for positions of interest.

Appointment Process

2023-2025 Call for Committee Applications

Committee Descriptions

The Committee structure is broken into a handful of major areas of activity within ISAKOS - Administrative, Clinical, Research & Education - and they are consistent with the priority areas in the ISAKOS Strategic Plan. Each Committee has a specific mission and drives the direction of the Society through their charges and recommendations back to the Board of Directors for policy matters, new programs and activities, and addressing the needs of the Society.