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ISAKOS 25th Anniversary: The Road to Create ISAKOS 25 Years Ago : Why We Had to Create ISAKOS

David James Dandy, UNITED KINGDOM

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Abstract : The Surgeon Mentor Program: Outcomes of Total Hip Arthroplasty via the Direct Anterior Approach

Christopher J. Wilson, AUSTRALIA
Melinda Jiang, AUSTRALIA …

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Abstract : Adipose MSC in Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair. A Prospective Randomized Controlled Trial With Two Years Follow-Up.

Pietro S. Randelli, ITALY
Davide Cucchi, GERMANY …

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Abstract : Opening Wedge High Tibial Osteotomy for Medial Compartment Knee Osteoarthritis: Planning for Improving Outcomes without lateral compartment overloading

Joshua Rory Buksbaum, UNITED STATES

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Abstract : Predicting Subsequent Revision ACL Reconstruction: A Machine Learning Analysis of the Norwegian Knee Ligament Register

Solvejg Wastvedt, UNITED STATES …

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Abstract : What Is The Ideal Position Of The Shoulder For Graft Fixation In Arthroscopic Superior Capsular Reconstruction? A Computational Analysis.

Madalena João Antunes, PORTUGAL
Carlos Quental, PORTUGAL …

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Planning for Osteotomy: Coronal, Sagittal and Axial Plane : Planning a Medial open wedge High Tibia Osteotomy

Andrew Sheean, UNITED STATES

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What is New in Female ACL? : Return to Sport

Theresa Diermeier, GERMANY

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Return to Play After Shoulder Surgery : Return to Sports After Shoulder Surgery: Case Example

Denny T. T. Lie, SINGAPORE

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Abstract : Is Platelet-Rich Plasma Injection More Effective Than Steroid Injection In The Treatment Of Chronic Lateral Epicondylitis In Achieving Long-Term Relief?

Prasad Soraganvi, INDIA
Raghavendra Raju, INDIA