ISAKOS History


ISAKOS Mission Statement

Advance the worldwide exchange and dissemination of education, research and patient care in arthroscopy, knee surgery and orthopaedic sports medicine.

ISAKOS was Formed

By the merger of the International Arthroscopy Association (IAA) and the International Society of the Knee (ISK) in 1995 at the IAA & ISK Combined Congress in Hong Kong.

ISAKOS Works With

Regional and National societies who share similar goals, providing a larger arena where these national societies and continental organizations can combine their strengths in an international forum.

ISAKOS is on the Rise

With more than 3,500 members from 100+ countries and regions around the world.

ISAKOS gratefully acknowledges the support for countries with limited resources
provided by: Arthrex

The ISAKOS Congress

The ISAKOS Congress is Held Every Two Years

Congress Locations include Buenos Aires, Argentina (1997), Washington DC, USA (1999), Montreux, Switzerland (2001), Auckland, New Zealand (2003), Hollywood, Fl, USA (2005), Florence, Italy (2007), Osaka, Japan (2009), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2011), Toronto, Canada (2013), Lyon, France (2015), Shanghai, China (2017), Cancun, Mexico (2019), ISAKOS 2021: Global, and Boston, United States (2023).

ISAKOS Congresses Are

Truly international gatherings, where leaders of national and regional societies meet to share research and societal information. The ISAKOS Congress is known for its vitality and variety, as well as diverse and high quality presentations.

ISAKOS Congresses Include

Scientific Paper Sessions, Discussions and Debates, Symposia, Live Surgical Demonstrations, Electronic Posters, Technical Exhibits, Instructional Course Lectures, Lunch Time Lectures and Hands on Workshops. Also included are a Welcome Reception and a Spouse & Guest Morning Café.


ISAKOS membership is available to individuals who demonstrate an interest or ability in the fields of medicine or science and who have demonstrated an interest in arthroscopy, knee surgery and orthopaedic sports medicine.

ISAKOS' Annual Dues are US$389 and include an annual subscription to Journal of ISAKOS: Joint Disorders & Orthopaedic Sports Medicine. To join ISAKOS, complete the membership application online. Online membership applications are processed immediately.

ISAKOS Membership Benefits

Learn More

ISAKOS Archives
An initiative of the ISAKOS Archives Committee Travel through time and learn about the creation and development of ISAKOS. From the merger of ISK and IAA to form ISAKOS, to photo galleries, storytellers, video archives, and more.

ISAKOS Giants in Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Video Series
View the Giants in Orthopaedic Sports Medicine series of video interviews--each episode features an up-close interview highlighting the contributions of living legends who have helped to make ISAKOS the excellent organization that it is today. Videos are available on Global Link and podcasts are available wherever you get your podcasts.

ISAKOS 25th Anniversary: The Road to Create ISAKOS 25 Years Ago
Presented at the ISAKOS 2021 Global Congress
Learn about the development of the International Arthroscopy Association (IAA) with its foundation in 1974, to the International Society of the Knee (ISK) founded in 1976. The spread of Arthroscopy to other joints and it's overlap with Sports Medicine made leaders realize this would change the face of orthopaedics and discussed the creation of ISAKOS to meet mutual demands. Also learn about how orthopaedics and orthopaedic surgeons reacted to the revolutionary advances of the late 70s and early 80s and how the group wanted it to be flexible enough to meet the changing needs and be truly international.