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Perceptions and Opinions on Cannabidiol Among Sports Medicine Orthopaedic Surgeons

Zachary I Li, BA, New York UNITED STATES
Michael Buldo-Licciardi, BS, New York UNITED STATES
Kinjal Vasavada, BA, New York, New York UNITED STATES
Emily Berzolla, BS, New York UNITED STATES
Brittany DeClouette, MD, New York, New York UNITED STATES
Kevin M. Kaplan, MD, Ponte Vedra, FL UNITED STATES
Michael J Alaia, MD, New York, New York UNITED STATES

NYU Langone Health, New York, NY, UNITED STATES

FDA Status Not Applicable


The purpose of this study is examine the knowledge and beliefs of sports medicine orthopedic surgeons with respect to the role of cannabidiol in clinical practice, deliver an educational component regarding CBD to practicing surgeons, and to elucidate potential future barriers to the widespread use of this treatment modality by providing an anonymous forum for surgeons to voice their opinions.

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is a known pain modulator which is garnering increased attention in the orthopedic world. There may be a considerable knowledge gap among orthopedic sports medicine surgeons and their perception of its therapeutic value. The purpose of this study is to (1) examine the knowledge and beliefs of sports medicine orthopedic surgeons with respect to cannabidiol (CBD); (2) deliver an educational component; (3) elucidate potential barriers to its widespread application.


A three-component, 25-question online survey was distributed to members of the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine with a 4-month response window. The first 20 questions assessed baseline knowledge and opinions regarding cannabidiol. These were followed by a 1-page summary sheet detailing the current legal status of CBD and a brief literature review of its potential role within orthopedics. Lastly, 5 additional questions assessed whether the respondents’ opinions had changed after learning more about CBD.


We evaluated 101 responses from sports medicine surgeons. Most surgeons (76%) believe there is a role for CBD in postoperative pain management, acute pain and inflammation following injury (62%), and chronic pain (94%). Most surgeons admitted they were not knowledgeable about the mechanism (84%) or their states’ laws (66%) concerning CBD. A minority (25%) believe that CBD has psychoactive properties. While most surgeons (76%) did not believe they would be stigmatized if they were to suggest CBD to a patient, only 47% have ever suggested CBD. Notably, 94% of surgeons have encountered patients who reported trying CBD to treat pain. Following the fact sheet, 51% of respondents stated that their opinion on CBD had changed, and 63% felt inclined to investigate the topic further.


A majority of sports medicine surgeons believe CBD has a role in postoperative and chronic pain management. Surgeons are relatively familiar with CBD, in part due to its remarkable prevalence among their patients. There is a clear knowledge gap, suggesting that increased attention, education and research is necessary.