ISAKOS: 2023 Congress in Boston, MA USA

Affiliate Meeting Space


Meeting Space Request Information

Thank you for your interest in holding a meeting or event during the ISAKOS Biennial Congress. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate on providing a successful experience and appreciate your valued participation.

  Any exhibitor planning to hold an event or function that will take place outside of their assigned exhibit booth space during the ISAKOS Biennial Congress must secure approval from ISAKOS by submitting the Affiliate Meeting Request Form.

Approval of Events & Meetings

All events & meetings (whether booked on own or though ISAKOS) must be submitted to ISAKOS to ensure event dates/times do not conflict with ISAKOS programming through the Affiliate Meeting Request Form.

Assignment of Meeting Space

Meeting space is assigned on a first‐come, first‐served basis. Hotels may assess room rental charges to events that do not meet required Food & Beverage minimums.

Once space is assigned, the organizer is responsible for finalizing all arrangements directly with the assigned hotel. Any penalties incurred between the exhibitor and the hotel is the responsibility of the exhibitor. It is understood that ISAKOS accepts no responsibility for the event(s).  ISAKOS does not endorse an exhibitor’s function and does not consider them a part of the official program.

  Activities that include ISAKOS Congress attendees must be not conflict with the Scientific Program, following the Date/Time Guidelines below.

Date/Time Guidelines

Affiliates/Alumni, and Specialty Societies

  • Breakfast meetings are to end by 08:30 on Sunday – Wednesday
  • Luncheons are to be held between 12:00 – 14:30 on Sunday – Wednesday
  • Receptions are to begin after 19:00 Sunday and 18:00 Monday – Wednesday
  • No meetings/events are allowed to be scheduled on Monday, June 19 from 17:00-18:00 or Wednesday, June 21 from 09:00 – 10:00 due to ISAKOS Business Meetings


Meeting space will only be assigned to companies exhibiting at the 2023 ISAKOS Biennial Congress. We will not provide meeting space to any company that is not an exhibitor.

  • Breakfast meetings are to end by 08:30 on Sunday – Wednesday
  • Evening events are to begin after 19:00 Sunday and 18:00 Monday – Wednesday
  • No meetings/events with attendees are to be scheduled over ISAKOS Congress educational sessions Sunday - Wednesday
  • Confirmed Exhibitors may hold staff-only meetings during ISAKOS Congress educational sessions

Fee Guidelines

Corporate Events/Symposia hosted by Exhibiting Companies and held between June 16 - 23, 2023 are subject to the below fees

  • Corporate event/symposium at hotel, 50+ ppl - $5,000
  • Corporate event/symposium at hotel, 16-50 ppl - $2,500
  • Corporate event/symposium at hotel, 1-15 ppl - $1,500
  • Offsite event fee - $2,000

Publicity and Advertising

ISAKOS does not publish exhibitor social events in the Final Program. Promotional materials of any kind shall not use the ISAKOS logo or name or make mention of ISAKOS or the ISAKOS Biennial Congress. The use of the name, insignia, logo, logotype or other identifying marks of the International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine shall not be used in signs, advertising, or promotions in any media or on descriptive product literature. Wording such as “presented in conjunction with,” “preceding” or “prior to the ISAKOS Biennial Congress” is not allowed. The inclusion of “ISAKOS Booth XXX” on any exhibitor materials is never an approved use of “ISAKOS.” Only if written approval is received, exhibitors may reference “ISAKOS Biennial Congress‐ Booth #XXX – June 18-21, 2023” on materials associated with the ISAKOS Biennial Congress. These rules apply to materials developed for use before, during and after the ISAKOS Biennial Congress.

Sponsorship forms for inclusion of promotional materials in the ISAKOS attendee’s Bag are available in the Exhibit Prospectus online. Except for distribution from the approved ISAKOS Attendee’ Bag, or within the exhibitor’s allotted exhibit space, the distribution of handbills, fliers or other literature within the convention center, hotels, or other venues is prohibited.

Additional Guidelines

  • Any solicitation or industry sponsorship is prohibited.
  • Groups may not title meetings/events as "Annual Meeting or Educational Conferences, Seminars, or Workshops.”
  • Offering CME credit is prohibited.
  • Due to limited available space, ISAKOS cannot guarantee space at the Hynes Convention Center for staff offices or all-day room requests.
  • If a vendor is required for your event, an official ISAKOS Vendor Partner must be used.
  • Signage is allowed at the room entrance only. Overall sign dimensions are not to exceed 28"x44".

For Assistance

Affiliates, Alumni, Exhibitors, and Specialty Society groups, please contact Hilary Merliner (