ISAKOS: 2021 Congress in Cape Town, South Africa

2021 ISAKOS Biennial Congress Faculty


Volker Musahl, MD

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania UNITED STATES

Volker Musahl, MD, is Blue Cross of Western Pennsylvania Professor, and Chief Sports Medicine Medical Director, International Sports Medicine, Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery and Bioengineering at the University of Pittsburgh, Program Director of the Sports Medicine fellowship program, and associate head team physician for the University of Pittsburgh Football team. Prof. Musahl has received numerous honors and awards and has published over 360 peer reviewed publications. He is Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy (KSSTA). His research interests are broad, but his main focus is on the clinical and basic science of knee and shoulder injuries in athletes. He serves as Co-Director of the Orthopaedic Robotics Laboratory, a state-of-the-art robotics laboratory which is the first of its kind in the United States. His research interests include clinical outcomes research and biomechanics of the knee and shoulder. He is currently Co-Principal Investigator for two large scale multi-center randomized control trials, on knee ligament injuries. The STABILITY II trial funded by the NIH (National Institute of Health). The project aims to determine if graft type (QT, BPTB, i.e., Quadriceps tendon or Patella tendon) with or without a lateral extra-articular tenodesis (LET) affects the rate of graft failure two years after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACL-R), patient-reported outcomes, donor site morbidity, complications and adverse outcomes, and Cost-effectiveness of ACLR and LET. He is Co-Principal Investigator of the STAR (Surgical Timing and Rehabilitation) for MLKIs). The purpose of this study is to investigate effects of timing of surgery (early vs. delayed) and timing of post-operative rehabilitation (early vs. delayed) for the treatment of military personnel and civilians that sustain a multiple ligament knee injury. This is a department of defense (DOD) study. He is also Co-Investigator for the POETT trial (Predicting the Outcome of Exercise Therapy for Treatment of Rotator Cuff Tears). This study is an NIH grant. This trial aims to develop diagnostic methods to allow surgeons to determine whether physical therapy or surgery is the most effective initial treatment of rotator cuff tears.

Sun 11/28
09:30 - 09:35
General Session - Hall 4A Opening Ceremony
Special Event
Welcome to ISAKOS 2021
Sun 11/28
14:30 - 15:00
Ballroom East Afternoon Scientific Session I: Research
Award Presentation
John J. Joyce Award
Sun 11/28
16:30 - 17:30
General Session - Hall 4A Afternoon Scientific Session II: ACL
Quad Tendon ACL: Where We Are Now?
Mon 11/29
14:00 - 15:00
General Session - Hall 4A Afternoon Scientific Session I: ACL, ALL, LET
ACL Reconstruction versus ACL and Lateral Procedure
Mon 11/29
16:10 - 16:40
General Session - Hall 4A Afternoon Scientific Session II: ALL & ACL
Global Case-based Discussion Session
The Multiligament Knee: When, How, What?
Tue 11/30
07:30 - 09:00
General Session - Hall 4A ICL #19
Instructional Course Lecture
Graft Harvest Techniques and Graft Preparation for ACL Reconstruction
Wed 12/01
15:30 - 16:15
Aud 2 Afternoon Scientific Session II: Knee ACL
ACL Injuries in Professional Soccer Players


Paid Consultant for Smith & Nephew
Editorial or Governing board of Joints Journal, SIGASCOT, KSSTA, ISAKOS

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