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Media for Synovial Tumor

Results : 3 Media Items

Temas Controversiales en Meniscos y Cartílago (Español) (7)

Symposium   Video   2019   group rating (4)

Knee Patellofemoral Tibio - Fibular Bones Capsuloligamentous Complex Cartilage Muscle Tendon Bursa Ligaments

How to Teach Arthroscopy (6)

Symposium   Video   2017   group rating (5)

Alberto Gobbi, MD, ITALY João Espregueira-Mendes, MD, PhD, PORTUGAL Mustafa Karahan, Prof., TURKEY Luigi A. Pederzini, MD, ITALY Moises Cohen, MD, PhD, Prof., BRAZIL

Knee Patellofemoral Shoulder Acromio Clavicular Bones Capsuloligamentous Complex Cartilage Ligaments Synovial Meniscus

Arthroscopic Synovectomy and Synoviorthesis for Pigmented Villonodular Synovitis in Hip

Paper Abstract   Web   2013   Not yet rated

Jiwu Chen, MD, PhD, CHINA Shiyi Chen, MD, PhD, Prof., CHINA Zi Ying Wu, MD, CHINA Hongyun Li, MD, CHINA

Hip / Groin / Thigh Synovial Arthritis Arthroscopy Synovial Tumor