Development Committee


Identify and expand financial resources for ISAKOS programs.


Chair, Deputy or Co-Chair, up to 15 members (can include industry partners, not limited to ISAKOS Members), staff liaison (Director of Development)

Sebastien Lustig, MD, PhD
Chair, 2021-2023

Robert A. Stanton, MD
Deputy Chair, 2021-2023

Nicolaas Cyrillus Budhiparama, MD, PhD, FICS, Assoc. Prof. INDONESIA


The following charges are for June 2019 – June 2021.

  • Member & Individual Giving
    • Evaluate and improve ISAKOS Godfather Program to increase member participation.
    • Maintain and build on the “Annual Fund” Member Giving Program.
    • Maintain online Global Connection website, to include information on initiatives and opportunities for viewing by potential donors, including the ISAKOS membership.
  • Corporate Giving
    • Lead stewardship of current corporate donors and in the recruitment of new industry sponsors.
    • Attract funding support and exhibitors for ISAKOS Congress, programs and events.
  • Development Strategy
    • Evaluate and improve the overall strategy to integrate ISAKOS initiatives and opportunities with potential grants for corporate gifts and individual contributions.
    • Identify alternate sources of funding outside of traditional industry supporters and membership. Example: corporate grants, societies and foundations, sports organizations, etc.
  • Strategic Plan
    • Advance the fulfillment/achievement of the ISAKOS Strategic Plan. Consider with all Committee initiatives how projects will assist in the accomplishment of the ISAKOS Strategic Plan.
  • Reporting
    • Quarterly Report to the Board of Directors on activities and accomplishments on charges above due as scheduled.

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