ISAKOS Knee Arthroplasty Fellowship

Sponsored by Nicolaas C. Budhiparama & Inge Widjaja
Nicolaas Institute of Constructive Orthopaedic Research & Education Foundation for Arthroplasty & Sports Medicine

History of the Award

Established in 2019, the Fellowship provides an opportunity for young orthopaedic surgeons, currently working in developing countries, to travel to various medical sites around the world to learn more about Knee Arthroplasty and to be exposed to the techniques of well-respected expert surgeons. At each site, the fellow will participate in knee arthroplasty surgical procedures, patient management or cadaver dissections in order to broaden their knowledge of the procedure. The goal is for the surgeons to disseminate the knowledge learned to contemporaries in the region where he/she practices, and ultimately, benefit patients.

Past Winners


Stefano Gaggiotti MD ARGENTINA
Temiloluwa Olufemi MD, FWACS, FMCOrtho NIGERIA


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Syed Faraz Ul Hassan Shah Gillani, MBBS, MS Ortho, MME, CODE PAKISTAN
Amit Lakhani, MS, Fellow Sport Medicine, INDIA


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Bujar Shabani, PhD ALBANIA
Rishi Bisht, MS Ortho NEPAL

Purpose of the Award

The Knee Arthroplasty Fellowships are available on a competitive basis to young orthopaedic surgeons interested in the study and advancement of understanding of the Knee Arthroplasty. The dual purpose of the fellowship is to improve knee arthroplasty in developing nations and to promote better understanding and communication amongst knee surgeons around the world.

Application Requirements

Applicants are required to submit two short essays (250 words or less), two letters of recommendation from ISAKOS Committee members (preferably) or institution and their curriculum vitae. The first short essay must indicate their interest in the Knee Arthroplasty and reasons for applying for the fellowship and the second short essay should indicate their Academic Goals and Teaching Opportunities. Please ensure submitted CVs include orthopaedic training, including fellowships, and a list of publications and awards.

Applications are now closed.

Review Process

Each application will be reviewed by a panel comprised of members from the ISAKOS Knee Arthroplasty and Traveling Fellowship Committees. The final selection of winners will also take into account the geographic region of the applicants.


Fellowships are awarded once every two years. The recipients will receive waived registration to the ISAKOS congress and will be presented with a framed certificate at the ISAKOS Congress.

For each fellowship recipient, ISAKOS will provide a stipend to permit visits to several centers, worldwide, that offer opportunities to learn about the complexities of knee surgeries. Fellows must complete travel within the designated term and are encouraged, but not required, to travel together. Fellows must document their travels, write a report of the experience.

Note: Individuals are only permitted to receive one fellowship per lifetime. ISAKOS fellowship recipients, if not already an ISAKOS Member, are required to become an ISAKOS Member prior to receiving their award. One year of Membership dues will be waived in the year of the travel.